We do translations in most languages in the world.

We do professional translations, verifications and authenticate submitted documents quickly and at prices that are hard to beat. When doing large translations we work with several translators in order to synchronise the integrity of the lexical aspect. We also consult with experts in the given field.

We approach each project individually. We engage a suitable group of specialists so that the translation is done quickly and effectively. We are obliged to keep all documents entrusted to us as confidential.

We do not content ourselves with just correct solutions. We only authorise complete and well thought out final products.

We offer a wide scope of translation services:

  • written translations, both normal and certified

  • oral translation

  • law,

  • economy,

  • financial,

  • banking,

  • trade,

  • technology,

  • construction,

  • electronics,

  • electronic engineering,

  • mechanics,

  • medicine,

  • pharmacy,

  • chemistry,

  • IT.

And many more!

We do translations for companies, institutions and also for private customers.

Each client is important to us. No job is too small, we will write a letter or a Christmas Card. We will call your foreign employer, we will fill out public documents, even translate song lyrics :)

We also translate:

  • notarial deeds, * public documents,

  • commercial agreements, * literary texts,

  • car documents, * folders,

  • purchase-sale agreements, * certificates,

  • birth certificates, * user manuals,

  • diplomas, * advertising materials,

  • school reports, * commercial correspondence,

  • websites,

Regular customers can receive generous discounts.